Friday, December 23, 2011

Guess who got a new kitten for Christmas!

This is Mayflower (I call her May) and she was intended to be put up for adoption around Thanksgiving (hence her name) but she and her 3 siblings weren’t big enough. Since my family was fostering the little kitties, we took them back in for a few weeks. My parents were sincerely considering adopting May because she was our favorite out of the littler. This morning, the kittens were brought to the remote adoption center up at the Summit Mall here in Reno and I was resigned that I wouldn’t see any of the little babies again.┬áMy mom and brother, who were working the function, returned an hour and a half ago saying “all the kittens got adopted”.

Boy was I happy when I saw May being carried in. She’s now our little Christmas kitten and she’s the sweetest, cutest kitten ever (not to mention she has a heck of an appetite).


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